Digital Art

A Compilation of My Digital Art Pieces.

An Exploration of Landscapes.

This purpose of this series is to explore something I love drawing: landscapes. I wanted to sample different lighting techniques on a variety of landscapes and see how that affects the mood of the piece. Some of the landscapes are fictional, while others exist in real-life. I am taking inspiration from nature, urban living, and even space. I first became interested in the digital landscape while creating my Disorderly Landscape series.

Another goal of this series is to create landscapes that are believable and realistic. I want the viewer to feel like they are really there experiencing this landscape in person. I am using my own interpretation of what the places I want to visit might look like. While there should be a feeling of realism, I also want there to be a feeling of whimsy or fantasy when viewing these pieces.

I decided to break out of my comfort zone with these pieces. I am an artist who likes having the outlines for the shapes included in the final piece, but to reinforce the idea of realism, once the basic structure of the drawing is mapped out in color, I remove the outlines to create a harmonious finished piece. This is a technique I also employed in my Disorderly Landscape series. I like the way the finished pieces looked and how they accomplish the goal of that project, so I wanted to bring that back into this series.

A Waterfall in a Forest with a Tree Trunk Serving as a Bridge Across Two Boulders.


Houses During a Sunrise.


A Telephone Pole at Sunset.


A Giant Octopus Fighting a Pirate Ship.


A Telephone Pole at Sunrise.


A Morning Sky with a Visible Moon.


Inspired by Greatest Showman (2017) directed by Michael Gracey.

Artwork depicts Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum, Zendaya and Zac Efron as Anne Wheeler and Keala Settle as Lettie Lutz.

Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum.


Zac Efron as Phillip and Zendaya as Anne Wheeler.


Keala Settle as Lettie Lutz.


A Jellyfish Symphony.

I wanted to reinforce the idea of imagination. When I see someone exhaling smoke, I tend to revert back to my childhood by picking out shapes I notice. This comes from laying under the clouds and watching them pass by. The most striking images I saw while viewing people’s habits were those of jellyfish. The jellyfish come in all different sizes and shapes, each one living an entire life within the moments of leaving its owners mouth and dissipating into nothing.

I am fascinated by the whimsical nature of jellyfish, and wanted to express that idea in this piece. For this piece, I chose a unique color scheme for each of the four creatures. I purposely decided on a monochromatic grayscale for the figure, but I accentuated the hair, giving it a dark purple hue. The hair flips in a similar style as the tentacles, further tying the elements of the piece together.

I had a lot of fun creating this piece. I used Adobe Photoshop to create this image, and I used reference photos of different jellyfish to make this as anatomically accurate as I possibly could.

Smoking Ladies.

Smoking used to be a very common habit amongst people everywhere. I wanted to focus on the women, those whose voices were not as loud as their male counterparts. Each woman in this series displays a different style, a different personality, a different being. Each woman then has a hand holding a cigarette in a unique style. The hands are not meant to belong to the women necessarily.

While smoking is not as big of an issue today as it was even just a decade ago, there is still evidence of it. Today, the norm is evolving into e-cigarettes or vape pens, an improved alternative to traditional methods. Women have also become more independent and powerful, trading the typical secretary job for a CEO position. I wanted to take these two ideas and create something that responds to society and cultures of the time.

The ladies I have chosen represent what would have been the high-class styles of their time. These women were taken from various magazines, cut out and pasted onto a black background. Then, a hand holding a cigarette was inserted, and smoke began to cover the women. Some have more smoke covering them while others have a minimal amount. This is done to emphasize the rise and fall of the smoking habit.

25 Things I’m curious About.

This project allowed me to explore my own curiosity. For some background information, I Google some of the most obscure things. I decided to start making a list of some of the questions I Googled in a span of about two weeks and illustrate the searches according to the answer. To make the list more concise, I eliminated the things I searched for that had to do with other projects for school and kept the project focused on the random facts I wanted to know. I decided to cut the list off at 25 for no reason in particular, but the list could be infinite. There will always be knowledge to discover and games of trivia to win.

Below are the questions I Googled, and the completed illustrations that accompanied the search. Some illustrations took twenty minutes, others took two and a half hours. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this piece because it allowed me the freedom to explore different techniques and textures while also giving me the ability to create the illustrations digitally, as digital drawing is one of my preferred mediums.

All 25 Things I’m Curious About.


What time is the Space Shuttle Launch?


Why do Llamas Spit?


Who was the Inspiration for Jay Gatsby?


What did the First Color Photo Look Like?


What is the Highest Score Ever Recorded in Basketball?


What Time Zone do They Use on the ISS?


How Many Volcanoes does Hawaii Have?


What is the Rarest Known Jellyfish?


Why are French Bulldog Ears So Big?


How do Octopuses Fit into Small Spaces?


What is the Significance of a Paper Crane?


Who was Yorick to Hamlet?


Why was Twilight Zone Created?


What did They Put in the Beaks of Plague Doctor Masks?


How Long have the New Orleans Streetcars Been Operating?


What Makes Pink Lemonade Pink?


How Much does a Figure Skater’s Leotard Cost?


Why was Queen Nefertiti so Powerful?


What is the Oldest Castle in Spain?


Which Armrest is Yours at a Movie Theater?


What is the Importance of a Luau?


Why is there Always a Laser Hallway in Spy Movies?


How Big Can a Manta Ray Get?


When was the Hot Air Balloon First Invented?


Why were the Easter Island Heads Created?


Disorderly Landscapes.

This series focuses on the landscape, and how different places are home to different creatures or monsters.

The landscapes featured in this series include a blue-glass round building placed on a mountain base,a dark forest with yellow flowers ,a secluded forest in Japan with a miwa-torii, a volcano ready to erupt, and a mushroom in the rain.

This series was really fun for me to do, and it hold a lot of meaning for me. I want to bring to light different but common mental disorders, and allow them to speak in a way that is not as taboo as the way we are speaking about them today. The disorders I focused on were OCD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and Insomnia.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.




Bipolar Disorder.





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