Interstellar Sports

This series is dedicated to combining planets with old-fashioned sports photos.

I originally created this series around the time the 2016 Olympic Games was airing over the summer. I am  fascinated with space, and wanted to bring in elements from one of my biggest interests and utilize them in a current way. The result is Interstellar Sports. I also used this project as a way to work with digital collaging. I created the background with the stars, then I pulled images from Google and edited and manipulated them to my pleasing.

The sports I focus on are Discus, Bowling, Tennis, Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, and Basketball. Each sport is assigned a specific planet that I felt would best fit. I used the eight declared planets, excluding Pluto, various moons, and the sun from my project.

I wanted to incorporate a modern twist on two things people are exposed to every single day: sports and space. Each piece suggests motion and movement from both the figure and the object. I tried to keep the composition in mind when I created each individual piece, but I also wanted to keep the overall composition in mind too, that is, how each piece would look when placed against another piece. I wanted to disorder the arrangement of the planets, so that they do not follow the same order as everyone lists them, starting with Mercury and ending with Neptune. Instead, I start with Saturn and end with Jupiter, and jumble the planets in between.

This series was really fun and exciting for me to create, because I was able to focus on something I enjoy as well as something that was relevant at the time. Sports will never not be popular in our culture, and space will always exist above our heads. In a way, I wanted to combine two timeless things and force my viewers to think about them in a different light. What if there are human-like beings in space playing games with our planets? What if that was a factor in the Big Bang? I wanted to create these whimsical kinds of questions that would make my viewers unlock their imagination, and reject all possible theories of logic and reason, and instead return to their child-like nature of fantasy and creativity.

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