A Jellyfish Symphony

This piece explores the clouds made when exhaling smoke or vapors.

I wanted to reinforce the idea of imagination. When I see someone exhaling smoke, I tend to revert back to my childhood by picking out shapes I notice. This comes from laying under the clouds and watching them pass by. The most striking images I saw while viewing people’s habits were those of jellyfish. The jellyfish come in all different sizes and shapes, each one living an entire life within the moments of leaving its owners mouth and dissipating into nothing.

I am fascinated by the whimsical nature of jellyfish, and wanted to express that idea in this piece. For this piece, I chose a unique color scheme for each of the four creatures. I purposely decided on a monochromatic grayscale for the figure, but I accentuated the hair, giving it a dark purple hue. The hair flips in a similar style as the tentacles, further tying the elements of the piece together.

I had a lot of fun creating this piece. I used Adobe Photoshop to create this image, and I used reference photos of different jellyfish to make this as anatomically accurate as I possibly could.