Current Class Portfolio

Fall 2015 – Spring 2018

This portfolio contains images from the past three years at Drake University.

This is a sample of the work I have created over the past three years at Drake University, as well as a painting I made during my semester abroad in Florence, Italy.

When I was initially putting together this portfolio, I did not think the pieces were cohesive. I then realized after seeing the pieces together that this was because I had been thinking of them all individually, rather than as a unified body of work. I tend to prefer drawing figures, both human and animal, and I really enjoy how the figure interacts with its surroundings. I am also particularly drawn to the human figure due to the spontaneity it possesses; there will never be the same pose from the same model, because people are always changing and moving.

I take a lot of inspiration from storytelling. I am an English major as well as a Drawing major, and each piece has its own narration. Together, the pieces tell a story about who I am as an artist and as an individual. There are many different ways to tell a story. In some cases, like the comic, this is literal, following a strict path and arriving at a set and final destination. In other cases, the story is more abstract, which allows the viewer to impose their own story onto the piece and create their own personal narration, especially in pieces such as the print in the top left corner- 365, (Or, the Meaning of Life)- and the plastic bag and jellyfish diptych-Floating in the Sea- in the middle left. These stories connect my viewer to my art in a more meaningful way.

I look forward to the final chapter of my Drake University story, and without the frustration, the long hours in the studio, the harsh critiques, and other negative aspects of art, my story would be dull and incomplete.


*When the next portfolio begins to develop, this page will undergo changes to accommodate new pieces.*