Current Class Portfolio

Fall 2017

This portfolio contains images from my fall semester at Drake University.

The first project for my drawing class was to create a drawing from observed space, the second was to complete 10 drawings, and the third was to take on an a current issue and portray it in art. For the observed space drawing, I decided to take a look at the negative space of an object. I chose a bicycle in a rack, and decided to overlay a map of Amsterdam on top. For the 10 drawings, I have included here a sample of what those were. I kept the color scheme the same throughout, using red, black, and white in all of the pieces. They dealt with subjects ranging from the 2nd Amendment to a chili pepper and had everything in between. For my third piece, I took on ocean conservation and pollution. This is an issue I hold very close to my heart, as I have constantly struggled with whether or not I chose the right paths to study in college. This piece is a diptych, with the top drawing portraying a smack of jellyfish. The bottom piece portrays a large pile of trash. The two images on the bottom are from a different drawing course I have taken while at Drake University.

I took an intro to printmaking course and had a lot of fun with it. The guidelines for our projects were very open, allowing us to explore the medium however we wanted. The first piece, Isolation, portrays a person in space, holding their helmet, and turning their back on a distorted Earth. This invites viewers to debate the concept of loneliness vs. aloneness. The second piece, Jellyfish Mirage, is another homage to the ocean, once again asking viewers to think about the ocean in a new way and to incite ideas of fighting to save it. The third piece, 356 (Or, the Meaning of Life), is a self reflection of my life over the past year. I used the same view looking up at an oak tree, etched it four times to depict the four seasons, and arranged them to be a sort of abstract but cyclical composition. The fourth and final piece, Temptation, is a response to a lot of personal issues I faced in my life throughout the semester, and also questions the Catholic faith, of which I am a member.

Drawing Portfolio

Printmaking Portfolio

*When the next portfolio begins to develop, this page will undergo changes to accommodate new pieces.*