Current Class Portfolio

Erin is enrolled in a drawing course this semester at Drake University, and these are her compositions for the portfolio currently in the works. This portfolio focused on graphite and charcoal, using different techniques, as well as the use of conte sticks.

Erin had a lot of fun working on this project, and she had fun learning and experimenting with different techniques and tricks. These pieces were created between August 31st and December 7th. It is interesting to look through the progression and development of the artwork, as well as the improvements from piece to piece.

Each piece is done on 18″x24″ white Strathmore paper aside from the final paper, which was created on a 3’x5′ piece of paper, and uses a variety of graphite and charcoal tools, such as different pencil hardnesses, compressed charcoal, vine charcoal, charcoal pencils, white and black conte sticks, and blending stumps. There is also one piece from this portfolio that was made using the entirety of a red Pilot G2 pen.

To view each piece larger and in more detail, click on the desired thumbnail.


*When the next portfolio begins to develop, this page will undergo changes to accommodate new pieces.*