Current Class Portfolio

Spring 2018

This portfolio contains images from my spring semester at Drake University.

The first project for my drawing class was to create a 64-square grid portrait of another classmate. The purpose for this drawing was to explore different mark-making techniques and gave each of us the opportunity to think differently about what could be considered “art tools.” Some key mark-making highlights from this project for me were fire, a combination of paint and glue, makeup, pointillism, and fingerprints. The second piece for my drawing class was a self-portrait. I decided to layer tracing paper, and approach the assignment using my knowledge of relief printmaking. each layer of paper had one color on it that, when viewed all together, created an image of my face. The concept behind this piece was a memory I have, and how the further I get from the memory, the more it fades from my mind. The third piece for my drawing class was an exploration of self-tracking, so for this I tracked my Google searches. I have created a post specifically for this project that you can find here. Below are images of the projects, along with past work I have made in my drawing classes at Drake University. The fourth piece was to experiment with drawing tools. I took charcoal, diluted ink, color pastel, and a black crayon, and attached each tool to a stick of varying length. Then, I created the image to the best of my ability with a continuous line.

Drawing Portfolio



*When the next portfolio begins to develop, this page will undergo changes to accommodate new pieces.*