A Late Night Bus Trip

An Exploration of New Technology.

This project allowed me to explore a new hardware/software combination available at my school, Drake University. I used iskn, which is a digitizing drawing tablet that connects to a computer via USB and with an app by the same company, the computer screen becomes a digital version of the drawing made on the tablet. The thing that really sets this program apart from others is the ability to actually draw on paper, and have that drawing be converted digitally in real time. The hardware comes with the tablet, some paper, a specialized pen, a pencil, and a tool called an iskn ring, which the user can place onto any drawing material the ring fits on in order to use it as a digital tool. For the test, I decided to draw some people on a bus I was on late at night, and just see what happened.
I am a little disappointed in the variation of line quality when it becomes digital. There is a clear distinction between pencil and pen on the paper, but when it is converted digitally, the line weights are all the same, so it appears it does not matter what tool is used, the line will look the same.The program also does not pick up on small nuances such as shading or lighter lines.
Overall, I had fun testing this program out. I don’t know if it is something that will make its way into my regular drawing tools, but it was definitely fun to experiment with. Take a look below at the drawing I made on the paper, the translation to a digitized drawing, and a video of the time-lapse taken automatically by the app, similar to the way Procreate records time-lapse.

 Drawing Done on Paper

Digitized Drawing Via iskn

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