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A Compilation of My Graphic Design Work

#DrakeServes T-shirt Design

This is a t-shirt design I created for a contest at my school Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

The requirements of the contest were to use either a bridge in Des Moines or the Des Moines skyline, something to link it to our mascot the bulldog, and the hashtag #DrakeServes. There was a restricted color palette, as we could only use the colors Drake Blue, Cyan, one shade of yellow, and white. This t-shirt contest is for the Community Engaged Learning & Service and is used as a way to raise awareness of the involvement of Drake students and their service to the Des Moines community. Below are the images I created for the design, the final design, and what it would look like on a t-shirt.

Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge and the Des Moines Skyline.

Drake University’s Live Mascot, Griff the Bulldog.

Text Used in the Final Design I Submitted.

The Final Design I submitted.

The Design’s Revisions.

A Revised Design

The Final Approved Design.

The Approved Final Design on a Model.

The Struts “One Night Only” Tour Campaign.

This is a project I worked on to create a fictional tour campaign for my favorite band The Struts. For this project, I was asked to create a tour poster, an album cover (front and back), an exterior bus advertisement, and an animated Snapchat gif.

For the poster, I used an image of the lead vocalist Luke Spiller, added glitter confetti, and used the logo of the band that I pulled from their website. The dates listed on the poster are from their real tour with Foo Fighters. For the album cover, I searched through their Instagram page and found an image of them on stage in front of a large crowd. I edited the colors to give it a summer feel and once again used their logo. I listed the songs on the back of the album as those from their first album Everybody Wants, and included the fictitious tour’s headlining song “One Night Only.” For the exterior bus advertisement, I found another image of the band in front of a crowd and overlaid the Union Jack onto the band members to represent their home. I used the same logo throughout this project, and included it in the bus advertisement. The animated Snapchat gif is a compilation of photos of the band performing on stage in front of a crowd, taken from their Instagram page.

All original logos and images belong to and are taken by The Struts. I only edited the images to create a new design.

The Struts Tour Poster.

The Struts Album Cover.

The Struts Album Back.

The Struts Exterior Bus Advertisement.


The Struts Animated Snapchat Gif.

A Design for an Olive Oil Brand.

I was asked to create a label and a description for either an olive oil company, a beer from a brewery, or a new soda. I chose the olive oil company.

This design was created for an olive oil company called The Olive Tree. I wanted to incorporate an olive into the logo, and decided to replace the tittle on the ‘i’ of olive with a stuffed olive on a toothpick. As for the tree, I made an outline of an olive tree, and filled it with an image of an olive orchard in Tuscany, Italy.

I looked at the descriptions for many different olive oils in my local grocery store, and tried to incorporate some of that vernacular into a description that I felt would accurately depict what this olive oil might taste like. I had a lot of fun coming up with this description, and wanted to make this product believable.

The company was created as fiction, but upon further research, there is a real olive oil company that has the same name. This was not created for them, and they did not ask me to design a label for them.

The Front of the Label.

The Back of the Label.

The Label on a Bottle.


Dance the Night Away on the Rings of Saturn.

This project’s goal was to create a travel campaign for a planet, complete with a poster, a postcard, Facebook cover banners, and social media avatars.

For this project, I decided to make my campaign around Saturn. I used two of Saturn’s famous traits in the designs-the planet’s ice rings and diamond rain. I completed this project with Adobe Illustrator. I wanted the designs to have a nostalgic, almost retro feel to them, so I included a couple in formal-wear dancing on the rings, and an astronaut reaching their hand out to touch the rain. I had a lot of fun creating this project, because it allowed me to use my interest in space to create something with a unique visual aesthetic.

Poster Advertising Saturn.


Front and Back of the Postcard from Saturn.

Two different Facebook Cover Banners.

Two Different Social Media Avatars.


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