Intergalactic Travel Campaign

Dance the Night Away on the Rings of Saturn.

This project’s goal was to create a travel campaign for a planet, complete with a poster, a postcard, Facebook cover banners, and social media avatars.

For this project, I decided to make my campaign around Saturn. I used two of Saturn’s famous traits in the designs-the planet’s ice rings and diamond rain. I completed this project with Adobe Illustrator. I wanted the designs to have a nostalgic, almost retro feel to them, so I included a couple in formal-wear dancing on the rings, and an astronaut reaching their hand out to touch the rain. I had a lot of fun creating this project, because it allowed me to use my interest in space to create something with a unique visual aesthetic.

Poster Advertising Saturn.


Front and Back of the Postcard from Saturn.

Two different Facebook Cover Banners.

Two Different Social Media Avatars.

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