The Olive Tree

A Design for an Olive Oil Brand.

I was asked to create a label and a description for either an olive oil company, a beer from a brewery, or a new soda. I chose the olive oil company.

This design was created for an olive oil company called The Olive Tree. I wanted to incorporate an olive into the logo, and decided to replace the tittle on the ‘i’ of olive with a stuffed olive on a toothpick. As for the tree, I made an outline of an olive tree, and filled it with an image of an olive orchard in Tuscany, Italy.

I looked at the descriptions for many different olive oils in my local grocery store, and tried to incorporate some of that vernacular into a description that I felt would accurately depict what this olive oil might taste like. I had a lot of fun coming up with this description, and wanted to make this product believable.

The company was created as fiction, but upon further research, there is a real olive oil company that has the same name. This was not created for them, and they did not ask me to design a label for them.

The Front of the Label.

The Back of the Label.

The Label on a Bottle.

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