The Apennine Colossus

A painting inspired by a sculpture in the Villa di Pratolino in Tuscany.

This is a painting I created while I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I was inspired by this sculpture of the mountain god Appennino. I wanted to bring in some of the textures found in the sculpture and incorporate it into this painting, so I decided to use oil paint. I also wanted to create a painting that felt more like a person and less like a sculpture, so I tried to give Appennino more animated features that look more human-like.

This piece was accepted into the 47th Annual Student Juried Show at Drake University. Below are some pictures highlighting the details of the painting.

The Full Painting, at 19″ x 23″

A Close-Up of the Detail on the Upper Left of the Face.

A Close-Up of the Face.

A Close-Up of the Upper Right of the Face.

A Close-Up of the Nose.

A Close-Up of the Cheek.

A Close-Up of the Right Eye and the Crystals Formed on the Face.

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